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We are leaders in our sector. :

- Filling and wholesaling red wine in Vietnam market.

With 9 years experience in bag-in -boxes and 6 bottles of wine filled in Vietnam , our products have equal quality 100 % with imported products. We launched many different models with a single leitmotif , very competitive prices. All our products are approved by the Vietnamese Ministry of Food and Drug Administration

Manufacturer and distributor of following Trademark for Vietnam : Château de Thussac, Domaine de Thussac, Cyrano de Bergerac, Celliers de France, Vin de Coeur, Château de Rayssac, Marquis de Rayssac, Château de Cazac, Tour de Cazac, Domaine de Cazac, Château de l'Aigle, Les moulins d'Angélie-Les-Lys, La boîte à Vin, France Pinot, Les vins de Jaloux, Les rives de Lézignac, Château Cazeau, Cuvée Saint Victorien, Cuvée Alexandrie, Casa Carajou, Hauts-Rayssac, Le Tonneau, Prince Thomas, Baron Saint Thomas, etc.

We are The specialist in French Wine in Bag-in-Boxes and bottles!!!

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France is producing several hundreds or thousands of wine according to the method used to count( it châteaux, clos, marques, etc.).

There are many varieties ( types of vines and grapes) .Each variety gives wines of character variable , depending on the soil, the nature of the ground, the position relative to the sun, the wine making, etc.

Weather permitting to get different wines , although of the same origin , by year , we talk about vintage.

In France, 3 Grapes varieties ( on 6) are principally used...

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Until 2009, in accordance with European regulations, French wines were classified into four families (see below). But since the 2009 harvest , there has been a change in the classification governed by the European Commission, the Commission decided as follows :

- Vins de Table become wine AOP VSIG (vin sans indication géographique), with name Vin de France with or without grape variety and vintage.

- Vins de Pays become wine IGP (indication géographique protégée).

- AOC become wine AOP (appellation d’origine protégée).

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